Sunni passed to the Abha Kingdom, today
. It was from her daughter, about 20 minutes ago.ON FACE BOOKS

Delight not yourselves in the things of the world and its vain ornaments, neither set your hopes on them. Let your reliance be on the remembrance of God, the Most Exalted, the Most Great.

~ Bahá’u’lláh

This is one of Sunni's emails

That was a great article. And it is a very good plan that can be implemented in any community even if on a less formal basis. Actually I speak from experience because I live in a very small Baha’i Community where the Friends, out of love for the Blessed Beauty and each other, quietly work together to give support and assistance to each other so that no one’s needs go unattended.

I am the grateful recipient of their love and assistance. Because of them I continue to live by myself and they kindly allow me to keep the illusion (or is it delusion) that I am still independent.

We meet together often. We pray together, study the Holy Writings together, work on projects together, teach the Faith together, and just plain enjoy being with each other, any occasion will do. During the Fast we come together every evening to pray and break the Fast. Every one of the 12 Days of Ridvan is an occasion to be together every evening, studying the Holy Writings, praying together and sharing a meal while we marvel at the wonderful bounty we have been given by being allowed to know and serve the Blessed Perfection.

Two different families have keys to my apartment. I get at least one phone call every day to see if I need anything. There is always someone to make certain I get to doctor’s appointments, get to the lab for tests, etc. Groceries are picked up. If something needs repairing there is someone to make certain it gets done. I know if I need anything I just have to pick up the phone. And this only the tip of the ice berg.

Assembly meetings, deepenings, firesides and devotional meetings are held at my place so that I can always participate. For meetings held elsewhere there is always someone to make certain I get there.

And you know, I am a participating member of the Community. No matter what is going on there is always something I can do. Okay, so it’s not like it used to be. I can no longer travel teach. Someone else has to do the running around. But my brain and my tongue still work as well as ever, so just prop me up somewhere and give me a job to do.

I liked what the article said about thinking as a village. As more and more of our Baha’i Communities begin to see themselves as villages and not just some meeting place; as more and more of our Communities begin to see themselves truly as families, then it will no longer be necessary to have to develop special projects to care for any members of the Community, be they young or old.

It is not something that is hard to do. It just means concentrating our energies and resources on serving the Blessed Beauty and loving, enjoying each other the way the Master loved and enjoyed us.

As for me, I plan to be an active, participating member of the Baha’i Community until my last breath. Old folks homes are not for me. And, with a lot of help from my friends, you will never find me shut up in one.


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