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A farewell of tears ”..Ocean of Light

Verily, we are God’s, and to Him shall we return.
(Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 345)

My servants!  Sorrow not if, in these days and on this earthly plane, things contrary to your wishes have been ordained and manifested by God, for days of blissful joy, of heavenly delight, are assuredly in store for you.  Worlds, holy and spiritually glorious, will be unveiled to your eyes.  You are destined by Him, in this world and hereafter, to partake of their benefits, to share in their joys, and to obtain a portion of their sustaining grace.  To each and every one of them, you will no doubt attain  Baha’u’llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 329

O thou beloved maidservant of God, although the loss of a son is indeed heart-breaking and beyond the limits of human endurance, yet one who knoweth and understandeth is assured that the son hath not been lost but, rather, hath stepped from this world into another, and she will find him in the divine realm. That reunion shall be for eternity, while in this world separation is inevitable and bringeth with it a burning grief.
Praise be unto God that thou hast faith, art turning thy face toward the everlasting Kingdom and believest in the existence of a heavenly world. Therefore be thou not disconsolate, do not languish, do not sigh, neither wail nor weep; for agitation and mourning deeply affect his soul in the divine realm.
That beloved child addresseth thee from the hidden world: ‘O thou kind Mother, thank divine Providence that I have been freed from a small and gloomy cage and, like the birds of the meadows, have soared to the divine world—a world which is spacious, illumined, and ever gay and jubilant. Therefore, lament not, O Mother, and be not grieved; I am not of the lost, nor have I been obliterated and destroyed. I have shaken off the mortal form and have raised my banner in this spiritual world. Following this separation is everlasting companionship. Thou shalt find me in the heaven of the Lord, immersed in an ocean of light.’-- ABDUL-BAHA

“Although the loss of a son is indeed heartbreaking and beyond the limits of human endurance, yet one who knoweth and understandeth is assured that the son hath not been lost but, rather, hath stepped from this world into another, and she will find him in the divine realm, That influence in the other world. We are never cut off from those who are there. The real and genuine influence is not in this world but in that other”. - The Writings of Abdu'l-Baha

O thou beloved maid-servant of God, although the loss of a son is indeed heart-breaking and beyond the limits of human endurance, yet one who knoweth and understandeth is assured that the son hath not been lost but, rather, hast stepped from this world into another, and she will find him in the divine realm. That reunion shall be for eternity, while in this world separation is inevitable and bringeth with it a burning grief. Therefore be thou not disconsolate, do not languish, do not sigh, neither wail nor weep; for agitation and mourning deeply affect his soul in the divine realm.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, p. 201)

If any man be told that which hath been ordained for such a soul in the worlds of God, the Lord of the throne on high and of earth below, his whole being will instantly blaze out in his great longing to attain that most exalted, that sanctified and resplendent station.... The nature of the soul after death can never be described, nor is it meet and permissible to reveal its whole character to the eyes of men.
(Adib Taherzadeh, The Covenant of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 19)

“Baha’u’llah endured ordeals and hardships sixty years. There was no persecution, vicissitude or suffering He did not experience at the hand of His enemies and oppressors. All the days of His life were passed in difficulty and tribulation — at one time in prison, another in exile, sometimes in chains. He willingly endured these difficulties for the unity of mankind, praying that the world of humanity might realize the radiance of God, the oneness of humankind become a reality, strife and warfare cease and peace and tranquillity be realized by all.” – Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 145.
"Teaching the Cause of God is not only through the tongue; it is through deeds, a good disposition, happiness of nature, kindness and sympathy, good fellowship, trustworthiness, holiness, virtue, purity of ideas, and lastly, speech." - 'Abdu'l-Bahá: Bahá'í News. No. 243; May 1951, p. 8

When the ladies asked ‘Abdu’l-Bahá about immortality, He gave a short talk on the spiritual world, summarizing by saying: “the unborn child would deny the existence of this world for the reason that he knows nothing of it and the best condition to him is the world of the womb, the best food his nourishment, there. He could not visualize this world. But when he is born and arrives at understanding, he sees what a beautiful world this is. So with the spiritual kingdom. The people of this world cannot comprehend the conditions of that immortal world, but, when they reach it, they see that this, in comparison, is just like the world of the womb. The unborn child says: this is the best world. I am quite satisfied with it. I must not leave it.
(Earl Redman, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in Their Midst, p. 24)


A seed of God's love has been cast into the ground….

Passing of Bien-Aimee Glorieux KEBE

a seed of God's love has been cast into the ground….
We request your prayers on His Behalf as He enters  the sea of light in the world of mysteries.

La communauté baha'ie pleure le départ de ce monde, le matin du 6 Juin dernier, du Bien Aimee  Glorieux KEBE , un bien-aimé serviteur de Bahá'u'lláh et intrepide  enseignant   
au Gabon   Nous gardons un tres beau  souvenir de son passage ici au Cluster 1  a Port louis  Ile Maurice 
Nous avons  eu  la chance  nous les amis du Cluster One de le cotoyer tout les jours lors de ses  animation des  activiter et surtout ses   partages d'experience  et de sa profonde connaisance 
il ete une personne de resources  au Congo. 
Our Prayers  surround His Beautiful soul . 


Ed. – Mr. Hushmand Fatheazam, former member of the Universal House of Justice, passed away on 13 August 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. He was 89 years old. We share with you below the message sent by the Universal House of Justice to all National Spiritual Assemblies on his passing. The message made mention of the many things that Mr. Fatheazam will be remembered for. Among them is “his kindly and radiant heart”. That immediately brings to mind the first counsel of Bahá’u'lláh to His followers in the opening passage of His Hidden Words:
“O SON OF SPIRIT! My first counsel is this: Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, that thine may be a sovereignty ancient, imperishable and everlasting.”
Mr. Fatheazam (left) with Mr. Macmillan Bau during his visit to Kpg. Triboh in November 1994. [Photo credit: Mrs. Grete Fozdar]
Mr. Fatheazam (left) with Mr. Macmillan Bau during his visit to Kpg. Triboh in November 1994. [Photo credit: Mrs. Grete Fozdar]
 Mr. Fatheazam was no stranger to the friends in Sarawak. He came with his wife, Shafiqih, to Sarawak in November 1994 and stayed for a few days as guests of Dr. John Fozdar and his wife, Grete. While here, they visited the rural communities of Kpg Triboh and Belimbing Besi, where they both stayed a night as guests of Mr. Tunton ak Empading. Dr. Fozdar fondly recalled thus: “He told me that the Sarawak Bahá’í community was one of the best in the world with three generations of believers in such a short time.” He further added that Fatheazam’s grandfather was a Trustee of Huqúqu’lláh and his wife’s ancestor was a relative of Quddus.
We are sure that the friends in Sarawak will heed the call of the Universal House of Justice to “hold memorial meetings in his honour.


The family of Deborah Lang Bley Hampton request your prayers for her soul,
which departed this earth peacefully on Saturday, March 6th, after a 15 year
struggle with breast cancer. Debbi possessed a truly radiant and
tender-hearted spirit, inspiring devotion among her friends and family.

She had a profound loyalty to the Cause of Baha'u'llah, serving the Faith
loyally from the age of 20 as a travel teacher, editor of Brilliant Star
magazine, member of the Editorial Board of the Baha'i Publishing Trust,
delegate to the national convention, children's class teacher, and member of
Spiritual Assemblies in Baltimore County, MD; Harford County, MD; Hamilton
Country, TN; and Chattanooga, TN. She was a talented musician and the
author of Slapped Awake, A Breast Cancer Journey in Poetry and Prose.

She is survived by her husband, Stephen Nelson Hampton; her daughter, Hollin
Bley Blaylock and husband Rodney Blaylock, step-children, Laura Hampton
Nance and former husband Ron Nance; Christopher Nelson Hampton and wife
Jennifer; brother Jeffrey Mark Lang and wife Teresa; sister Audrey Helen
Critchfield and niece Helen Critchfield; and grandchildren: Naomi Bley,
Lindi Blaylock, Jesseca and Colby Nance, Kistler, Avery, and Prescott
Hampton; and Kylan and Sajin Cyr.

Mary K. Radpour


Sunni passed to the Abha Kingdom, today
. It was from her daughter, about 20 minutes ago.ON FACE BOOKS

Delight not yourselves in the things of the world and its vain ornaments, neither set your hopes on them. Let your reliance be on the remembrance of God, the Most Exalted, the Most Great.

~ Bahá’u’lláh

This is one of Sunni's emails

That was a great article. And it is a very good plan that can be implemented in any community even if on a less formal basis. Actually I speak from experience because I live in a very small Baha’i Community where the Friends, out of love for the Blessed Beauty and each other, quietly work together to give support and assistance to each other so that no one’s needs go unattended.

I am the grateful recipient of their love and assistance. Because of them I continue to live by myself and they kindly allow me to keep the illusion (or is it delusion) that I am still independent.

We meet together often. We pray together, study the Holy Writings together, work on projects together, teach the Faith together, and just plain enjoy being with each other, any occasion will do. During the Fast we come together every evening to pray and break the Fast. Every one of the 12 Days of Ridvan is an occasion to be together every evening, studying the Holy Writings, praying together and sharing a meal while we marvel at the wonderful bounty we have been given by being allowed to know and serve the Blessed Perfection.

Two different families have keys to my apartment. I get at least one phone call every day to see if I need anything. There is always someone to make certain I get to doctor’s appointments, get to the lab for tests, etc. Groceries are picked up. If something needs repairing there is someone to make certain it gets done. I know if I need anything I just have to pick up the phone. And this only the tip of the ice berg.

Assembly meetings, deepenings, firesides and devotional meetings are held at my place so that I can always participate. For meetings held elsewhere there is always someone to make certain I get there.

And you know, I am a participating member of the Community. No matter what is going on there is always something I can do. Okay, so it’s not like it used to be. I can no longer travel teach. Someone else has to do the running around. But my brain and my tongue still work as well as ever, so just prop me up somewhere and give me a job to do.

I liked what the article said about thinking as a village. As more and more of our Baha’i Communities begin to see themselves as villages and not just some meeting place; as more and more of our Communities begin to see themselves truly as families, then it will no longer be necessary to have to develop special projects to care for any members of the Community, be they young or old.

It is not something that is hard to do. It just means concentrating our energies and resources on serving the Blessed Beauty and loving, enjoying each other the way the Master loved and enjoyed us.

As for me, I plan to be an active, participating member of the Baha’i Community until my last breath. Old folks homes are not for me. And, with a lot of help from my friends, you will never find me shut up in one.



Dear friends,

Today, 4th November we are remembering the passing of our youngest son

dear Alexander

He died of leukemia when he was 11 years and 11months old.

Please remember him in your daily prayers.

We have dedicated to Alexander all our services

{conferences, workshops, books (Christianity Renewed Vol. 1,2 and 3)}

to explain to the wider public of Christian background

the link between Christ and Baha’u’llah.

Please find attached a tribute/poems which my wife Helen has written

for the Australian Baha’i bulletin.


&#14 7;Thou shalt find me in the heaven of the Lord, immersed in an ocean of light

& #160; `Abdu’l-Baha

Our beautiful little boy plunged into the “Ocean of Light” on the 4th November, 1996. He was 11 years and 11 months old. His name is Alexander Thomas Olinga Vloeberghs. .

Alexander had been fighting Leukemia for three and a half years, and had two years of intensive chemotherapy as well as a bone marrow transplant, and all during that time he never complained. As soon as he left the isolation ward after six months, he turned cartwheels outside the back gate of the hospital. After all his suffering he expected to be O.K. but three days after his much adored sister Shirin left for Maxwell International Baha’i School in Canada, he had his second relapse. The doctors told him that the leukemia had come back and that there was nothing they could do. They told us he had only a few weeks to live. He was so prepared for going to the other world and eager to explore that new realm. He was looking forward to his journey. But before he left he had a few things to do. One thing he wanted was to see the snow. Thanks to the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ we were able to go within a few days. His sister came back from Canada and we all went as a family to Mt. Hotham.

Alex was a natural athlete. Before his illness he was chosen by the Australian Institute of Sports to train in an elite gymnastic squad of only f our boys who were chosen from the best gymnasts in Brisbane. Their goal was the 2000 Olympics. It was during an intensive training session that he felt tired and we noticed that something was wrong. He was diagnosed on 15 May, 1993. During his chemotherapy he wasn’t able to swim for almost two years because of the risk of infection. When he was able to do so, he jumped into the school pool and won every race in his age group and got a medal for overall champion. He was also a great basketball player. The last time he played he was so sick he could hardly run. His team hadn’t got a goal, and just before the game was over Alex took a rebound out near the line. He had his back to th e goal, but he bounced the ball twice, crouched down, turned, jumped and shot in one liquid movement, and hit the goal. It was a moment of pure beauty that will forever be etched in my memory.

The first time he got on a snow board at the top of the beginners hill he just sailed down to the bottom not falling once. The first day we had to help him walk up. The second day he was able to walk up himself. Then he and Maxwell, his brother, started making snow mounds to jump over. At night the boys watched a snow board video and the next day they went out and did all the tricks. After the s now we were able to visit the Temple and our extended family in Sydney. Alex was also a poet and he wrote a poem for the Make a Wish Foundation to thank them.

We’re off to see the snow,

The wonderful, wonderful snow,

Because, because, because,

I made a wish to go.

My family’s coming too,

Because its no fun without them

or you,

Because you made my wish come true.

When I see myself dancing in the snow,

The wonderful, wonderful snow,

Then I’ll know its time for me to go.


Alex loved to do magic shows for the six beautiful young girls in our community. His most famous trick was a levitation which he did with Max. His stage name was Alex Sp arkle. He wanted to be a magician.

In Papua New Guinea when Alex was small, one day I wanted to go out to do some Baha’i work, but he needed me and I couldn’t go. I lay down on the bed next to him and cried. Then I heard a voice which said to me “If you train him properly he will teach ten times more people than you in future” At that same moment I smelt the most heavenly perfume of attar of roses which filled the room. Alex was always teaching the Faith. He taught his little friends at school, many of whom consider themselves to be Baha’is. When we were in the hospital, we gave the message to everyone we could, including the nurses and parents. One morning whilst he was asleep I was able to give the Message to three people. When he awoke I told him this and he said, boy I will have to get busy if I am going to teach ten times more than you. Well he did just that, but a hundred times more instead. At his memorial service held here at Forest Hill, our family’s homefront pioneer post, almost three hundred people attended. And, faithful to the admonitions of the Guardian, he has laid his bones to rest in his pioneer post. The effect of this Baha’i funeral will ripple out over this region and the hearts of those souls who are receptive will vibrate.

At the memorial service, everyone received a program with a most beautiful selection of Holy Writings. The service was conducted with great dignity and to utmost perfection by Auxiliary Board Member Mr. John Walker. Our little local community of Laidley, including all the children, rallied around and in total love and unity, just like many souls in one body, were busy in preparing and decorating the rustic country hall where the service was held. The ladies from Toowoomba and Logan arranged a most magnificent luncheon. Their selflessness and loving attention to detail reminded me of stories of the gracious qualities of servitude evinced by the Greatest Holy Leaf. The hall was filled with magnificent flowers sent from Gold Coast, Ipswich, B risbane and Toowoomba. The Baha’i communities of Perth and Bundaberg decided to give a donation to the Arc Fund in Alex’s name. In effect, the coming together of all the Baha’is from great distances and in utmost love, has shown my non-Baha’i family just what a Baha’i community is capable of doing. Their most vibrant, tangible unity was visable to all present. Many people commented on what a great support the Baha’i community was to us. A Baha’i youth came to me and said that the previous night he had a dream in which he was attending a wonderful, joyous birthday party. Then when he arrived and saw the hall decorated with golden bows on all the pews, he said this is the place in my dream. Later when the cake came out, he was so excited and said th at he saw the cake in the dream too. This dream was most appropriate because the whole day was really like a celebration of Alex’s birth into the next world.

Before Alex’s passing he was busy preparing himself spiritually. We went out at 4.30a.m. every morning to watch the sun rise and we said 95 times the Greatest Name and 95 times the Remover of Difficulties. It was so symbolic because in one text `Abdu’l-Baha says “Time with us is measured by the sun. When there is no more sunrise, and no more sunset, that kind of time does not exist for man”. So Alex was looking at his last sunrises. It also symbolized the rising of the “Sun of Truth”, and also the sun is the physical counterpart for the Manifestation of God who gives light and life to the world. On Saturday, just two days before he died he was very weak and could hardly walk, so I didn’t wake him and went myself to pray. I was praying when suddenly a little figure appeared shuffling along in thongs with sox on. He asked me “why didn’t you wake me up Mummy?” “I said I didn’t think you would see the sun because of all the clouds”. Then he said “I don’t come to see the sun, I come to say the prayers”.

Speaking of prayers, i t is impossible to adequately describe the support, love, strength and complete composure that the prayers of the Baha’i community can give. Our family have been blessed with the most vehement support in the form of prayers for our dearest little Alex. To our Beloved House of Justice, the National Spiritual Assemblies of Australia and Papua New Guinea, the Local Spiritual Assemblies, to the most steadfast Baha’is, one and all, we offer our most heartfelt thanks. It is a pity that only when a calamity of such great magnitude strikes that we call on this great power of prayer with such a passion. I am lost in awe of the power of prayer. Through it we have been able to sustain our loss without being overwhelmed by the negative emotions of grief. We feel we are cushioned and sur rounded by a pink cloud of love, through which no pain can penetrate.

On the morning of his passing Alex was muttering to himself, Mirza, Mirza. I asked him who he was speaking to and he said to me very clearly, “Oh you know, the one who fell through the roof” So he must have been in communion with his beloved Mirza Midhi. During the afternoon he was sitting up but appeared to be asleep whilst music from the World Congress tape was playing. His father, Marc, was sitting next to him. Then suddenly Alex opened his eyes and said in a loud and clear voice - “O Baha’u’llah, what hast thou done.” Marc thought he was getting better and gave him a kiss on the forehead and embraced him as never before. Then Marc sat down to say the Tablet of Ahmad. He had only said three lines when Alex slumped over and his soul departed from this mortal world. It was so sudden we weren’t sure he had passed away. His last words on this earthly life were an affirmation of his faith.

The first people who came into the house after his passing were a family from Fiji. We felt that this was a sign because we have been planning to pioneer to Fiji to fill a goal of the Four Year Plan for our beloved National Assembly.

When we buried Alex we put some holy dust that we had swept off the grave of Mirza Mihdi into Alex’s pocket. That holy dust will be joined with his earthly dust forever. At the graveside the children all sent messages tied with ribbons to balloons up into the heavens. It was a beautiful sight.

When we were on pilgrimage, Dr. Ruhe told us a touching story about one of `Abdu’l-Baha’s sons, Husayn, who loved to explore and always wanted Baha’u’llah to take him out for a picnic under the fir trees.& #160; Husayn died when he was 4 years old. His epitaph revealed by Baha’u’llah reads: “Husayn, son of Ayn, Health and children are an endowment with life. A greater hope and a better reward with your Lord are good deeds. He was an adornment of the Exalted Paradise. We see him now in the Exalted Paradise engaged, by God’s Grace, in sightseeing.” I feel with my whole heart that Alex is now also sightseeing in that Heavenly Realm.

To my son.

Alex, my sweet child of light,

You die in your youth,

You take your flight,

Transverse, return to reunite.

Return to the sun, ray of light,

Now absorbed in eternal delight.

They greet you, the Hosts on High,

With them you recound your life gone by.

Now at last,

Mysteries you can ask:

“Why is it so,

I was chosen to go,

I’m not complaining,

I’d just like to know”

Thence the reply:

“Far better for thee,

This saga of woe,

Than a myriad lives,

This ye must know,

For your light will shine,

On all mankind,

Welcome home, Welcome home”

Love from Mummy.

Christianity Renewed

Maxwell Alexander


Courtroom Blooms With Feeling As Lerner Is Mourned
by Molly Morris

Nov. 1, 2008 -- The staid courtroom of V.I. Superior Court Judge Brenda J. Hollar was transformed into a cathedral Saturday by the outpouring of love and compassion for her law clerk Gabriel "Gabe" Lerner, a young man who in a few short months in the Virgin Islands affected the lives of so many, before his shooting death last week.
A photo of a blooming lavender lotus filled a screen in the front of the courtroom, under a banner reading "You are forever in our hearts. Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart."
The stiff benches became pews filled with folks -- members of the young man's Baha'i faith, his family, by the Superior Court family which adopted him, by new friends -- who spoke of Lerner's open and giving nature, and his immediate love of his adopted Virgin Islands home.
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None appeared more affected than Hollar herself, wiping away tears as she sat flanked by a battery of colleagues: retired Judge Verne A. Hedge, Superior Court judges James Carroll III and Leon Kendall and St. Croix Judge George W. Cannon.
In a letter to Lerner's parents, Dr. Jerome Lerner and Jennifer Wanasek, Hollar said in part, "Gabriel was such a special and extraordinary person. Indeed to know Gabriel was to love him. Within minutes of interviewing him....I experienced an immediate but unmistakable bond with Gabriel which grew exponentially with each passing day. The enthusiasm, exuberance and energy Gabriel displayed with every assignment given to him was a joy to behold."
Lerner was murdered Oct. 26. Two suspects, a minor whose name cannot be released and 22-year-old Devon A. Frett, have been charged with robbing, kidnapping and killing Lerner after he stopped near Cassi Hill in Smith Bay to give them a ride early Sunday morning. (See: "Devon Frett Charged with Murder in Death of Gabriel Lerner.")
According to Joan Bennett, another Baha'i, Lerner was on his way to Lindqvist Beach for Baha'i devotions and to teach the Junior Youth Group. The Baha'i faith emphasizes the underlying unity of the major world religions.
Attorney Alan Smith stood solemnly in the well, now a nave, asking only that everyone meditate for a moment on the words of Baha'u'llah, who founded the religion that bears his name, which prefaced the Baha'i memorial booklet. "Be as one spirit, one soul, leaves of one tree, flowers of one garden, waves of one ocean."
Smith said, "Gabriel must be the most loving law clerk in all the world," a sentiment echoed throughout the day.
Tourism Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty, sitting alone in the back of the courtroom, said, "It's the internal love, not the external.. It's a sense of the value of life that is so important when people lose someone. This so sadly impacts our community. My heart goes out to the family. I, too, have a young son. I can relate to the tragedy."
Nicholson-Doty said she did not personally know Lerner, but her assistants Monique Sibilly Hodge and Allegra Kean have been working with the family. "It's six degrees of separation," she said. "Everyone knows someone who was touched by this young man."
Smith said Lerner "Created an explosion of love in this community. He loved this island and this courtroom and Judge Hollar." Lerner had been admitted to the V.I. Bar just a few days before his death.
The courtroom was filled with a mixture of voices as family members, friends, and youngsters from the Baha'i Junior Youth group paid tribute to Lerner. Richie Hunt, a Charlotte Amalie High School ninth grader, said, "When I first met him at the beach, I didn't want to go home. I wanted to stay with Gabe and become a member of his church. He changed my life. If I didn't know something, he would sit with me and help. I'll miss him so much."
The Superior Court Memorial book was filled with tributes from District and Superior Court judges, along with those from Gov. John deJongh Jr., Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis and Senate President Usie Richards.
Occasional moments of humor lightened the day. Lerner's parents had the courtroom laughing when they told of their son's "eclectic" taste in books and music: "Snoop Dog, alongside Beethoven, and Nietzsche alongside a guide to ballroom dancing."
On a more serious note, Lerner's father said, "When he met Judge Hollar, his life took off. It was the only time in his life he was totally happy. He was home at last."
Carroll, who lost his 19-year old son Jason to gun violence in 2000, was visibly touched by Lerner's death. He said, "Though it was eight years ago, I feel it every day, myself." Speaking of Lerner's parents, Carroll said, "It took me years to get to the stage of grieving where they are now."
Carroll said his wife, Celia, was off-island, or "she would be here helping." Celia Carroll, with her husband's support, started the local chapter of Mothers Against Guns shortly after Jason's death.
The cruel irony of Lerner's death -- losing his life as the result of kindness -- was not lost on the family or those in the courtroom. However, his uncle, Jeffrey Lerner concluded the family's remarks: "Don't carry around bitterness and anger about how he died. Gabe would never want that."
His mother thanked the community for "the love and the warmth they have shown us."
"I have one request," she said. "I ask you to talk to someone in the Baha'i faith, to learn a bit about Gabriel."

Monday, Nov. 3, 2008 St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
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O Thou who assure the returns of the days and nights
O Thou who rekindle the bones who fall like dust
Thy words light my extinguish flame

O lumiere pourpre qui baigne toute choses!
comment cette forme mouvante de poussiere
cet ame sans vie sans esprit sans intelligence
peut te louer toi l'incomparable
qui est au-dessus de louanges des Saints des saints, !!
ou est la louange de DAVID ~!!


Thy Greatest Name flash my drooping soul
OThou who are far from me because of my trespasses
please O beloved of my heart

show to this servant the path of thy True lovers
The bird song of THOMAS in celebrating thy greatness and praise's

hasten to offer his earthly life in praising Thy Grandeur

The faith of FARIS who regnonise thy sublime station

.... in his letter we read
O! thou who converse on the Sinai
by the love of your son Jesus
and beloved friend Muhamad ......
blessed be the imortal lovers
the transforming power of Mulla hussein ...
who hear the voice of Gabriel
and acclaiming to the universe thy glad tidings of the new dawn

there came Badi the celestial coursier
who brave the fire in giving your message
o celestial martyrs
thousands upon thousands
hasten in giving their life
for Love of Thee
o words you fail to import the meaning
no words can adequately robes the spirituality of this wondrous souls how could you ??

what power can a shadowy creature claim to posess when face to face with the uncreated

he who is not reborn in this age will remain eternally dead



Our dear friend Arthella (Artie) Phelps made her way to the Abha
Kingdom last Wednesday evening. Beloved wife of Ray, mother of Paul,
Scott and Stacey, grandmother, spiritual mother and dearest friend to
so many of us. A true and precious soul... kind, generous,
friendly... filled with the virtues of a true Baha'i.


This is a psalm of a new day:
This is a song of the promised day:
This is a prayer of the day of God:
~~Waken, draw near;
Raise the Glory of God
~~In worship;
Praise of the return of Christ:
~~Stand witness;
Thank His return in the name of the Father:
~~Bow low;
His name, Baha'u'llah.

Voici un psaume d'un nouveau Jour.
Écoute !
Voici un chant du Jour Promis.
Entends !
Voici une prière du Jour de Dieu.
Lève-toi, approches !
Élève la Gloire de Dieu,
En adoration !
Loue le Retour du Christ
Sois témoin !
Remercie Son retour au Nom du Père
Baisse-toi en adoration !
Son Nom est Bahá'u'lláh !
Prie !
(Psaume par Marley, traduction libre par Moro Baruk)


Funeral of Mrs Firoozeh Yaganegi

Friday, 25 July, at 11am the Funeral of Mrs Firoozeh Yaganegi was held at Mona
Vale cemetery at the foot hill of the Baha'i House of Worship,
Sydney. Over 200 hundred of family and friends attended the ceremony
despite rain. Firoozeh Yaganegi, Was one of the friends that took the
call of The Guardian to pioneer and became a Knight of Baha'u'llah.
She was a caring lady and always loved by friends. She was known as
Mama Yeganegi. She traveled 23 times from Australia to Fiji to teach
the cause. A Message from Universal House of Justice was read at her
burial, testifying to her 70 years of service and informing the
family that the prayers will be said for the progress of her soul at
the shrines.

With regards,


The Purest branch

"Handmaiden and Sacrifice"

Verse 1

The first Spirit through which all spirits were revealed.

The first Light by which all lights shone forth.

Rest upon thee, O Most Exalted Leaf.

Happy art thou, O My handmaiden and my Leaf.

All honour and glory circled around thee.

You are His consort in all the worlds of God.

Saintly Navvab, rejoice rejoice me lot.

You make my cherished wish fulfilled.

I will remember you night and day but still,

forgive us that have turned unto thee.


Make us follow your footsteps,

Guide us in our noble quest.

Under the shadow of the Bab,

Purest Branch and Saintly Navvab.

Make us follow your footsteps,

Guide us in our noble quest.

Under the shadow of the Bab,

Purest Branch and Saintly Navvab.

Verse 2

You are the Trust of God and His treasure in this Land.

Great is thy blessedness, O Purest Branch.

Soon Jah will reveal through thee what He have desired.

From you, all the dwellers of this world, will be united.
The earth itself trembled in its longing to meet thee.

If we only knew the mysteries of your ascension,

Everyone shall awake from their wronged vision.

All would be set ablaze with the fire of remembrance.

Mirza Mihdi, O Purest Branch.

Unity shall be the fruit of this Holy Branch.


Make us follow your footsteps,

Guide us in our noble quest.

Under the shadow of the Bab,

Purest Branch and Saintly Navvab.

Make us follow your footsteps,

Guide us in our noble quest.

Under the shadow of the Bab,

Purest Branch and Saintly Navvab.

Make us follow your footsteps,

Guide us in our noble quest.

Under the shadow of the Bab,

Purest Branch and Saintly Navvab.

Make us follow your footsteps,

Guide us in our noble quest.

Under the shadow of the Bab,

Purest Branch and Saintly Navvab.

(Author : Brian Dholah, inspired by the Holy writings)