Funeral of Mrs Firoozeh Yaganegi

Friday, 25 July, at 11am the Funeral of Mrs Firoozeh Yaganegi was held at Mona
Vale cemetery at the foot hill of the Baha'i House of Worship,
Sydney. Over 200 hundred of family and friends attended the ceremony
despite rain. Firoozeh Yaganegi, Was one of the friends that took the
call of The Guardian to pioneer and became a Knight of Baha'u'llah.
She was a caring lady and always loved by friends. She was known as
Mama Yeganegi. She traveled 23 times from Australia to Fiji to teach
the cause. A Message from Universal House of Justice was read at her
burial, testifying to her 70 years of service and informing the
family that the prayers will be said for the progress of her soul at
the shrines.

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