An email on the "two sides of the coin"

I'm sending you an email, O Lord,
www.my Lord.com
Why the wealthy people have clothes
Eat nice food and say yum….?

I'm sending you an email
Please don't delete it
If reality is bitter or cold
Then, sweeten
and please heat it

This is an email about
The poverty
This beautiful world
On the other side
Is grimy and dirty

This is a new mail message
Why mankind is ignoring
Your Words in this age?

Immense differences on
The 2 sides of the coin
One side joy and bliss
The other side, cities
That war will ruin

In your reply you can
Cut and paste , but tell us
What has made you angry?
What made you cross?

Shall we stop disunity and
Write with the font of love
"The world is but one country
And mankind it's citizens"
The words that we've been
told by the Heavenly Dove?

Shall we add the color and
Print "…regard man as an
Inestimable gems…"?
And distribute it in order
To stop the games

O Lord; You have shown us
The Power Point of
Poverty and hunger
Now can you please help us?
For not having miseries any longer

Shall we
The words spoken by You?
Shall we remind the
Mankind, to be alert
And not snoozing too?

I think we shall install
New windows
Opening them to the
Horizon on unity
With the Fragrance of
Jasmine and Rose

We shall forward the idea
Of "humanity as leaves of
One tree…."
And send it in a format of
A rich text for mankind
To get them free

The 2 sides of the coin
Are so pales apart
The recycle bin of
Prejudices, needs to
Be emptied and a
Remote assistance
Is needed for the human's heart

(Shahla Nabilzadeh/ 20.06.2007) Adelaide -AUSTRALIA
+ + + + + + + + + + +

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