"Praise be unto Thee, O my God.
Thou has guided me to the horizon of Thy Name and made me known through Thy Name.
I beg of Thee, by the radiant lights of Thy gifts and by the waves of Thy beneficence, to endow my pen with inspiration from the traces of Thy supreme pen that it may attract the realities of all things.
Verily, Thou art the one, who is powerful in all that He wills by His Word, the Mighty the Wonderful."

- Baha'u'llah - Revealed for Mirza 'Abdu'l-Fadl


As this was being beamed across the ocean I was awakend with this:

By Thy Word and by Thy Pen

We have been chosen to elevate The Word through our pen.
Now allow the inspiration to skim across the pages
weaving strands of kindliness and calming grieving hearts.

For hearts are filled with despair and clouded
by false expectation.
The beauty and purpose of life misted.

By the Word and by the pen we can cheer the
hearts of the despondent and lift the myriad veils
if we allow His love to guide our pen.

Sylvia Miley UK 19th June 6am

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