A Meditation for the 4th of July

“These human creatures are even as children; they are brash and unconcerned. . .”

(Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Baha, p 21-2)

Hey, look! Right there!” our leaders direct our eyes

toward bright fireworks high in our skies:
“Behold! Our greatness speaks up there in flames
The very firmaments declare our names!”
Distracted we don’t notice them on the ground,
Like noisy children, they fight another round:
“By my rules!: “No! Your rules don’t satisfy me!”
“This is my game!” “No, that’s my name you see,
This is mine!” “No, my way!” Their shouts rebound
Off ears attuned to fire-crackling sound.
Neglecting the sussuration of flame enveloping
And world-encircling disaster developing,
As species of flora and fauna everywhere
Inhale their last sustaining breath of air,
As Icecaps melt and rainforests disappear
They heed only the other children they hear,
Continuing the pointless shortsighted fight,
“This is mine!” “It’s not!” “You’re wrong” “I’m right!”
Joan Scott

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