By Thy Word and by Thy Pen

We have been chosen to elevate The Word through our pen.
Now allow the inspiration to skim across the pages
weaving strands of kindliness and calming grieving hearts.

For hearts are filled with despair and clouded
by false expectation.
The beauty and purpose of life misted.

By the Word and by the pen we can cheer the
hearts of the despondent and lift the myriad veils
if we allow His love to guide our pen.

Sylvia Miley 19th June 6am


The Mind of Man

The trumpet sounded a new day has dawned
put down your weapons of wrath and pick
up the banner of peace

The call is heard by the Mind of man
and the bitter taste of gunshot
is hard to swallow

The curious eye looks over the walls
that keep us apart and the sweet scent
of oneness drifts

The walls that divide are tumbling down -
the minds of men in power
are in conflict

with the more powerful Mind of man
who is raising the clarion call to oneness
and banish separation

Sylvia Miley
29th May 2007


Berlin -The Dawn

on the fall of the Berlin wall

So tell me where are we going?

Many voices hail the dawn.

Bubbling enthusiasm mingles in the frosty air.

Crescendo dwindles.

The clatter of footsteps turn homeward

Some east, some west.

A trembling backward glance, a smile -

At the hole in the wall.

So tell me where are we going?

Lighthearted children awaken dusty memories

As they trample on stones aching

with bloodshed.

Each step a tap of longed for freedom

Echoing down the years.

Back and too they play ...and chip away

At the hole in the wall.

So tell me where are we going?

Weak sunlight casts a watery shadow,

Linking east and west in close embrace.

An old man stands

a tear lingering. "This is the beginning....

.....the beginning".

The joy is masked with sorrow...yet

He steps through the hole in the wall.

So tell me where are we going?

The barriers of peace weakened by

Prayers of millions uttered through

centuries of toil.

Why fight for that land that would be our tomb?

'The earth is one country

And mankind is one'. Come... come and make bigger

That hole in the wall.

Sylvia Miley

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