The Hour Glass of Life

The sands of time flowing gently by, within
each grain a steady wealth of experience.
Some shimmering with joy, some
suffering with agony,
but each a balance a
perfect equi-poise.
Side by side they
fall together
through the
of time.

There is only
flow and constant
movement onwards.
We cannot halt the ever
moving sands of time. Only
trust the reflective shadows of
dark and light will touch the hearts and
souls of those who watch the sands of time.

And when you turn the sands of time and see the fading splendour,
each tiny grain creations wonder. The pulse of life.
The dust of new birth. For herein lies one
secret of the universe. There is no
nothingness - no empty space.
From dust does all
creation form.
To dust it
once again

And as it moves
with resistless strength
gathering energy and force of a
life well spent. This drifting gentle
moving form of dust, casts upon its shores
those pearls of wisdom - glittering jewels - a galaxy
of breathless wonder shimmering with eagerness to share
with those who stand and watch the sands of time. The certainty
and knowledge that there is no

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