As the Ancient Beauty bestows upon us Life,
So shall the Nightingale of Paradise call us Home again.

As the Soul of ours becomes free from all earthly limitations and bonds,
So shall the bird soar in the boundless imperishable dominion of the Divine.

As the Concourse on High Welcomes us to His Presence,
So shall the Blessed Beauty warmly embrace us with His grace.

As the mystical melodious intones of
Sincere prayers perfume all the heavens and the earth,
So shall they immerse the fish in the Glorious Ocean of forgiveness.

As the Celestial Youth strings the pearls of our virtues
And generously presents the robe of His compassion and mercy,
So shall we twirl and twist with woe and reverence, With joy and deferrence
Toward the heavenly perfect abode of ours.

As the King of Kings justifiably inks His Judgement Pen
To assess justly our good and bad,
So shall the billowing Crimson Sea intercede,
Making ink of the essence of the martyrs hearts
To cleanse and purge from all colours except white.

As we look back on our past in the physical plane,
So shall we remind our loved ones, departed and still alive,
As we intend to surpass the whole Universe
To call on our family members, friends and comrades.

This occurs within the swiftness of light;
No boundaries and no veils exists,
All mysteries are far deeper than it was.
This Kingdom embodies only
Stages of human progression and heavenly light.
Darkness is Non-Existence and Mortal;
It has no effect there at all.

Harmony with God's will, Peace with our fellows
Builds communion forever with our spiritual beloved ones.

As we approach our self-knowledge and our self-recognition,
So shall we raise our spiritual hands up for supplication and beseech
Towards the Almighty Threshold of the Lord of Hosts,
So shall we also pray for the prevailing of ease and comfort,
For the building up of bonds of love and unity in the world:

"O God, and the God of all Names
Magnified be Thy Name, O Lord my God!
By the life of Thy chosen ones,
Those whose lofty souls circle Thou round!
Have mercy upon Thy humankind
Bestow upon them a heart which,
Like unto glass, may be illumined with the light of Thy love!
Help them, O Thou Kind Lord,
To mirror forth the Kingdom of God on the globe.
In the heavenly assemblage of ours
We give ears unto a mystical tune,
Ascending and reflecting from the contingent sphere
In submission, meditation and contemplation.
Deal with him, O Thou Who forgivest
The sins of men and concealest their faults
As beseemeth the heaven of Thy bounty
And the Ocean of Thy grace.
Accept from him that which they
Have achieved in Thy days.
O Thou who are the Lord of all men!
Grant them, O my God, that Thy servants
May consort with Thy saints and Thy Messengers
In the heavenly places that the pen cannot tell nor the tongue can recount!"
As the Ancient Beauty bestows upon us Life,
So shall the Nightingale of Paradise call us Home again.

© ~ Rouhieh
July, 2006

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