O Purest Branch!
O Thou who hast been created from the Light of Bahá,
From birth Thou hast known
The agony of separation with your loved ones;
Pain and suffering was your companion,
Causing all things to groan
And every pillar to tremble.

O Purest Branch!
......Exile....Imprisonment was your destiny.
Wronged of the world!
Thou were lain, blood-stained,
In that most great prison;
Face to face with your Creator,
Begging your Lord, The Lord of Hosts,
That your life be a ransom
To the lovers of Bahá.
Like The Son of God, Jesus The Christ.

And when The Glory of God,
The Heavenly Father,
Did accept your request
And made Abraham's sacrifice renewed,
All the dwellers of the Abhá tabernacle wept
And all the Concourse on High did lament.

O Mírzá Mihdí!
Great is thy blessedness,
for thou hast been faithful to the Covenant of God!
Great is thy martydom in the path of your Lord,
alike Imam Husayn.
Great, indeed, for the Supreme Manifestation of God

O Mírzá Mihdí,
The Purest Branch!
So pure was your soul
That the earth trembled to welcome you.

O Purest Branch!
From you, all the dwellers of this world
Will be united.
Praise be upon you, O sacrifice of the worlds.

~Josian Dholah
January 30, 2005

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