Richard D. Powell,

On June 13th the Baha'i Community of Los Angeles bid farewell to its
dearly loved member, Richard D. Powell, a stalwart of the Jeffrey
Barnes Gospel Choir. Richard's bass voice was a supportive sound to
the many voices he came to know over a life 61-years long. As a
recognizable figure of that choir they honored his memory by singing
his favorite songs at a Memorial held at the Los Angeles Baha'i
Center on Saturday, June 14th.

Richard was a newsmaker with an indominitable spirit complimented by
a consistent sense of humor. Although sightless, Richard was known
for his remarkable insight in dealing others. His inspiring ability
to defy all odds led him to be considered the "Seven Star General of
the World" because he never gave up, never gave in, and never gave
out. Instead, Richard believed he needed only to give up his shoes so
another soldier who could continue to march in his place. He was a
true soldier in God's army, and a devoted follower of Baha'u'llah and
a ceaseless warrior for the cause for unity of all people.

Richard is survived by a large loving family who celebrated his
"homegoing" with hundreds of Baha'is; friends from the Braille
Institution of America; the Los Angeles Foundation of the Junior
Blind; Mayfair Adult Health Care Center; Israel Missionary Baptist
Church; and the Every Mother's Dream Child Care Service, where
Richard sat and sang babies to sleep despite having had a two strokes
and battling cancer.

Sing on, Richard. Sing on!

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