Passing of Shapour Meshkin

O SON OF SPIRIT! With the joyful tidings of light I hail thee: rejoice!
To the court of holiness I summon thee; abide therein that thou mayest live in
peace for evermore."
Dear Friends:

It is with joy and sorrow that we share the news of the passing of the
servant of Baha, Mr. Shapour Meshkin, after a long struggle with health
challenges, on this Holy Day of the Ascension of his Beloved, May 29, 2008 at 3:25pm at
St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

He was surrounded by his family and friends, music and prayers as he
peacefully bid farewell to this mortal world and took his flight to the Abha
Kingdom. His devotion, love and service for his Faith, his steadfastness, his kind
and gentle manner will be fondly remembered.

The current plans are for his funeral service to be held on Fri. June 6th at
1pm at the Finley- Sunset Memorial Park in Portland, with a memorial service
at the Portland Baha'i Center on Sat. June 7th, 3pm, followed by a reception.

With deepest appreciation for prayers for the progress of our father's soul
in the realm above,
Loving regards,
Meshkin, Musai & Petri Families

Funeral Service: Fri. June 6, 1pm
Finley-Sunset Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary
6801 SW Sunset Highway
Portland, OR 97225

Memorial Service: Sat. June 7, 3pm
Portland Baha'i Center
8720 Ivanhoe Street
Portland, Oregon 97203-4830

From the sweet-scented streams of Thine eternity give me to drink, O my God,
and of the fruits of the tree of Thy being enable me to taste, O my Hope!
From the crystal springs of Thy love suffer me to quaff, O my Glory, and
beneath the shadow of Thine everlasting providence let me abide, O my Light! Within
the meadows of Thy nearness, before Thy presence, make me able to roam, O my
Beloved, and at the right hand of the throne of Thy mercy, seat me, O my
Desire! From the fragrant breezes of Thy joy let a breath pass over me, O my
Goal, and into the heights of the paradise of Thy reality let me gain admission,
O my Adored One! To the melodies of the dove of Thy oneness suffer me to
hearken, O Resplendent One, and through the spirit of Thy power and Thy might
quicken me, O my Provider! In the spirit of Thy love keep me steadfast, O my
Succorer, and in the path of Thy good pleasure set firm my steps, O my Maker!
Within the garden of Thine immortality, before Thy countenance, let me abide
for ever, O Thou Who art merciful unto me, and upon the seat of Thy glory
stablish me, O Thou Who art my Possessor! To the heaven of Thy loving-kindness
lift me up, O my Quickener, and unto the Daystar of Thy guidance lead me, O
Thou my Attractor! Before the revelations of Thine invisible spirit summon me to
be present, O Thou Who art my Origin and my Highest Wish, and unto the
essence of the fragrance of Thy beauty, which Thou wilt manifest, cause me to
return, O Thou Who art my God!

Potent art Thou to do what pleaseth Thee. Thou art, verily, the Most
Exalted, the All-Glorious, the All-Highest.

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