Memorial Video - passing of prominent Iraqi Baha'i

Abir Majid is a very dear friend of mine.
He was born in the hospital which now stands where the Ridvan garden was located in Baghdad Iraq.
He was born where Baha'u'llah announced his mission to the world.
He grew up in Baghdad.
Abir's father, Saddiq Majid, was the chairman of the Iraq NSA.
When the Baha'i National Center was taken over by Saddam Hussein's government and all the contents were stolen -- it was Saddiq Majid who stood at the door and demanded an accounting of everything that was taken.
For that he was put in the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.
He was released 10 years later when he went blind in prison.
Abir doesn't mention it but the entire family was put in prison - Abir included.
Abir has told me stories about how he was bastinadoed in prison - the soles of his feet were beaten. Abir spent over a year in prison. His crime - and the crime of his family members - was being a Baha'i.
Abir wrote some of the Islam articles on my prophecy-fulfilled webpage plus he wrote http://bci.org/islam-bahai/ ---
which has had millions of hits.
I met Sadiq Majid. I heard him speak. I even did a two hour long video interview with him where he tells his life story
. The attached video tribute of Abir's father is very touching. We lost a great Baha'i when Sadiq Majid left this world.
Note: forwarded message attached.
I hope all of you are doing well. For those of you who could not join us at the memorial gathering for my dad, I thought I would share with you a video clip / slide show prepared by my niece which includes some photos of his life, and tributes by his 5 grandchildren. The audience at the memorial liked it, and I hope you like it too.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdTPH13eKN8 Thanks. - Abir

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