It is with great sadness and feeling of loss that we wish to inform the
Universal House of Justice of the passing of our dearly loved Brigitte
Lundblade-Hasselblatt - Knight of Baha'u'llah for the Shetland Islands and
Mother of the Estonian Baha'i Community - into the Abha Kingdom on 17 May
2008 at 5:40 in the evening

Mrs. Lundblade was, at last, able to return to her homeland, Estonia,
according to the wishes of the Beloved Guardian Shoghi Effendi in 1989,
after serving the Cause of God in many Baha'i Communities in northern
and the United States of America for almost six decades. Her numerous
of devoted service to the Cause of the Blessed Beauty and her love of
family, community and the world around her will be dearly missed by all
have had the honour to know her. Her words, actions and life and the
sweetness of her being will continue to be a source of inspiration for us
all and the generations to come.

Now that her soul has winged its way to God's Spiritual Realm, we will
express to her family heartfelt appreciation for her decades of heroic an
exemplary sacrifice despite her advancing years and difficult physicalm
ailments to which she refused to succumb until her very last moments.

May God shower upon her illumined being His infinite bounties as our
heartfelt prayers for the progress of her blessed soul will continue.
> Preparations for the funeral are underway and details will be sent to
> your
> attention as soon as they have been approved by the family.
> With loving Baha'i greetings,
> Tiia Bach
> Secretary

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