Prayer day - We will pray

I pray that, the whole world
would be one
To see the day, that love is ruling
And hostility is gone

The word of “Love” travels
From land to land
My hands are stretched out
To hold your hand

“Unity” is the destiny of
the world and its fate
A world of love and
fellowship free of hate

I pray for the well being of mankind
For its peace and security
For elimination of prejudices of all kind

He taught me to open the
doors of my heart
To heal the world which is so apart

He walked me to the gate of love
And held my hands, He
taught me to build my house
On rocks, not sands

I stood on the rock and prayed
The cost of “Peace” is “love”
That’s what I paid

With smile on my lips and
Warmth in my heart
Absorbed in tranquility
The truth of my Lord’s Art

Let’s live in light
Darkness has escaped
The tabernacle of unity
Is now well shaped

Let’s have no fear of
The troubles we hear
For the gateway is opened
And the way is clear

We will pray and
walk on the path of light
We will pray for “Peace”
Every day and night

+ + + + + + + +
(Shahla- 14.06.2008)

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